May 25, 2017

What is fear?

I grew up reading comics to which I owe a great deal. One of the takeaways from youth in general is that death has to be this sweeping and dramatic thing, it's one of the reason horror movies likely have such a big audience among the young - vampire movies all those clich├ęd things about death and dying.

All very dramatic, isn’t it?

Thing is the longer you hang around the planet, the more you come to realize when death taps you on the shoulder, it is rarely as dramatic as one might think. More often than not, it’s just a quiet tap and then you aren’t around.

Today, I brushed up against one of those power words, words that hold all kinds of underlying terror and malice... biopsy.

It’s quiet terror.

Mind you, I’m thinking it shouldn’t be a big deal (I’m sure hoping it isn’t) but whenever you brush up against that kind of a word there is that little tug at the back of your mind, the ‘What if,’ that always makes you a little uncomfortable and gives you a bit of a chill.

These things are rarely dramatic but they are still terrifying nonetheless.

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